Does Your Brand Help You Recruit The Best?

by Jan Hughes

Brand.  Have you got the big picture? It’s all encompassing because it’s not just your corporate brand but your employer brand too.  Each builds on the other.

What’s the difference between your corporate and employer brand? 

Think of it as a campaign to reach a different audience.  One conveys what you offer to your client or customer, and the other is the hook you use to attract, recruit and retain your team.

The employer brand is all about your reputation as an employer and the employment experience for your employees.

Why do you need one?

In today’s competitive environment, an organization’s success is directly related to the skilled talent you can attract, engage and retain.  The path to attracting that talent has changed, as job seekers find limitless ways to learn more about their potential employers.

Through social media, employer rating sites and online networks, candidates can connect with current employees, past alumni and even others engaged in the hiring process.  All of which puts the onus on employers to join in the conversation to ensure they give the best message that they can.

Your ultimate goal in creating an employer brand is to attract the most suitable candidates, dissuade those who would not be a great fit for your organization and reinforce your existing employees’ commitment to the organization.

Where do you start?

Before you start thinking about your employer brand, make sure you have involvement and buy-in from the top down, as then you have support to ensure success.

Next you will want to get an understanding of your employee value proposition (EVP) – put simply, why are people attracted to your organization and what makes them stay?

Because your employer brand has to dovetail and blend with your corporate brand, partnering with your communications team makes sense.  They bring valuable insights to the process and will help build and shape your communication so the employer and corporate brands blend.

Involving the right people from the start, and getting buy-in from the powers that be, ensures that your employer brand is consistently communicated across all levels within the company.

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